“Well worth it and had me very prepared!”

Jerry P. (Dec/2019 UAV Commercial Drone Pilot’s Course) – “I was a student in their very first Part 107 Remote Pilot training class. I have worked in aviation for years but was not a pilot and knew very little about the basic principles of flying, including weather theory, airspace regulations, reading charts, load factors, airport operations, and crew resource management. Although I was overwhelmed for a class or two, the instructor was great and I settled right in. It finally all started coming together and made sense. A week after our class completed, I sat for the FAA Unmanned Aircraft test and passed with flying colors. The class I took from Ortega Aviation was well worth it and had me very prepared!”

Mohammed K. (Nov/2019 Private Pilot’s Course) – “I appreciate you very much, seriously I was so terrified, and you and all the staff help me through.”



Josh M. (Nov/2019 Commercial Pilot’s Course) – “As an 18 year rusty pilot, I knew I had a lot to relearn. Instead of simply getting current, I decided to take on the challenge of pursuing my commercial license. While I’m familiar with the efficiency of memorizing questions out of a book, I wanted more. First, I wanted to develop a true understanding of the knowledge that the FAA is testing on. Second, I wanted the interaction that comes with learning in a community fashion. Ortega Aviation Services delivered! I learned so much more than I would have just reading a book. Totally worth the money!”