Ground School – Private Pilot

Are you interested in what it takes to become a FAA certificated Private Pilot? Or maybe just an interest in aerodynamics, weather or flight planning? Whatever it may be OAS can help!!!  OAS will begin offering a live learning experience at our new state of the art learning center. There are significant advantages to a live course as compared to one online. First, you begin developing important industry relationships with instructors, pilots and aircraft owners. They can offer a wealth of information regarding the certification process as well as sharing their life experiences in aviation. Secondly in a LIVE classroom environment your questions will be answered quickly and thoroughly by your instructor. One more important aspect to OAS LIVE classes is that you will have training towards the “oral” portion of your practical flight test. The course developer is a 30 plus year FAA Designated Pilot Examiner that has written questions that, more than likely, will be asked on your flight exam. Along with your instructor’s guidance you will be more than adequately prepared for your FAA checkride. Let OAS help you become FLIGHT READY!

Your Private Pilot Live course consists of 24 hours of FAA instructor led presentations, discussions and testing. Class times and dates vary allowing you to choose the time that best fits your schedule. Subject areas covered will prepare you to take the FAA knowledge (written) test at the end of the course. You will also obtain a logbook endorsement showing compliance with FAR 61.105 of the FAA regulations. This endorsement clears the way for you to begin flight training towards acquiring your private pilot certificate! As a bonus to make you “FLIGHT READY” OAS will process your FAA Student Pilot Certificate at no charge to you! This saves the student a $100.00 administration fee!!

The cost for course is $525.00, includes all course materials preloaded on a Windows powered hybrid tablet, yours to keep! In addition you have use of our facility resources, including our DJI Phantom, Flight1 (G-1000), and Gleim flight simulators, as well as our Avionics Lab, and bonus study sessions prior to taking FAA Knowledge Test at PSI facility.

Teresa Ortega: (cell) 316.665.1992 / (office) 316.925.7700

Private Pilot Knowledge Course


Meets FAA Part 61.105 (a)(b)(1)through(13) requirements


Day 1:        Federal Aviation Administration

Airplanes and Aerodynamics

Airplane Instruments and Engines

Day 2:        Airplane Systems Airports

Air Traffic Control and Airspace

Aircraft Performance and Weight & Balance

Day 3:        Federal Aviation Regulations

Aeromedical Factors and Aeronautical Decision Making

Day 4:        Navigation Systems

Aviation Weather

Day 5:        Aviation Weather Services

Navigation: Charts & Publications

Flight Computers

Day 6:        Cross Country Flight Planning

Day 7:        General Subject Review

Review Practice Test

Day 8:        Practice Test and Review

Ortega Aviation Services recommends you continue to take practice exams until the scores are consistently higher than 80%. Please contact OAS if there is a need for additional instruction or clarification for a specific subject area. YOUR success is OUR success!

Teresa Ortega: (cell) 316.665.1992 / (office) 316.925.7700

Private Pilot – Class Schedules

The listed schedules are for confirmed classes. Classes are formed, scheduled, and booked when we reach a minimum number of students for a given course. Please keep in mind that these posted classes may or may not be full, there may currently be slots available for you. Call Teresa today for availability and any questions you might have.

Teresa Ortega: (cell) 316.665.1992 / (office) 316.925.7700