Course & Class Schedules

Ortega Aviation Services can assisted with your learning process by offering their Knowledge Test Preparation Ground School through a live classroom environment. There are significant advantages to a live course as compared to one online. Firstly, you begin developing important industry relationships with instructors, pilots and aircraft owners. They can be a wealth of information regarding the certification process as well as share their life experiences in aviation. Secondly, in a class environment your questions can be answered quickly and thoroughly by your instructor. One more important aspect to Ortega Aviation Services classes, is that you will have training towards the “oral” portion of your practical flight test. Since the course developer is also a 30 year plus FAA Designated Pilot Examiner he has written questions that more than likely be asked on your flight exam. Along with your instructors guidance you will be more than adequately prepared for your FAA checkride.  We don’t just teach how to pass a test; we teach you fundamentals of how to fly!


The listed schedules are for confirmed classes. Classes are formed, scheduled, and booked when we reach a minimum number of students for a given course. Please keep in mind that these posted classes may or may not be full, there may currently be slots available for you. Call Teresa today for availability and any questions you might have.

Teresa Ortega: (cell) 316.665.1992 / (office) 316.925.7700

PPL – Private Pilot Course Schedule

IFR – Instrument Pilot Course Schedule