The OAS Crew

At OAS, we have gathered a team of experts who share our passion for aviation. Our “crew” is committed to assisting those who are just getting started in aviation or want to build upon what they have already accomplished.

Che Jackson CFI, AGI, IGI
Che is from Los Angeles, California. He is a student at Kansas State University where he is pursuing a degree in Aeronautical Science and Applied Business. Che formerly served as a pilot recruiter/ambassador to campus for Express Jet Airlines.



John F. Morgan, Sr
John F. Morgan, Sr
I teach flying for Fun!  I convinced the FAA that I could teach flying in 1994. They granted me my CFI.  I achieved my CFI-I a few years later.  Once you have experience controlling an aircraft in flight, you will look to the skies differently. I am here at Ortega Aviation as a Private Pilot ground instructor to start you on that journey.  To learn it safely and make your learning experience enjoyable with just a touch of “FUN”!


Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd is an ATP CFI-II with over 65 years flying experience. He holds the FAA Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award and has experience in aircraft ranging from Piper J3 Cub, numerous piston aircraft, King Air plus Caravan turboprops and Citation and Hawker business jets. His professional flying experience includes crewmember time with Cessna Citation Marketing Used Aircraft Group, Raytheon Aircraft, and NetJets Aviation. He has also instructed for the AOPA Flight Safety Foundation in their Pinch Hitter, Mountain Flying and Instrument Procedure Courses. As an instructor for The Cessna Employees Flying Club, he developed and taught the club’s first Mountain Flying Course. He holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from University of Alabama where his research was a mathematical model and simulation describing a sub portion of the Saturn V Fuel System dynamics. As a member of the OAS Crew, he developed and teaches ForeFlight Workshops for VFR and IFR Pilots.
Jim Perry
Jim has a background in both general and commercial aviation. He attended the University of Iowa, with a major in broadcasting and film. While film remains a hobby for Jim, his career choice was aviation. With over 22,000 hours flying a variety of aircraft, his early years were spent instructing in almost all Cessna, Piper and Beech airplanes. Commuter work- and it WAS work! – in Embraer Bandierantes, big airline experience in MD 80s for Midway Airlines. But perhaps most satisfying years (25+) spent as a demonstration pilot for Cessna Citation Flight Operations, then as a Citation X+ pilot with Textron Aviation’s Pro Ownership group. Jim has an ATP, with Flight Instructor privileges in single and multiengine land airplanes, and Instrument Airplane authorization. He has been a CFI since 1975.
Matt Sanders
Matt Sanders
Matt’s dream of flying began at five years old watching the Millennium Falcon help the Rebels destroy the Death Star.  It took him 29 years to begin his efforts earning ratings. He is a Gold Seal Instructor and enjoys helping numerous other dreamers achieve their aspirations of freedom in flight.  Matt is a career educator and loves to leverage his teaching experience while sharing his passion for aviation with others.


Rusty Carbaugh
Rusty Carbaugh
Rusty is a CFI/CFII from Bartlesville, Oklahoma. After graduating from Wichita’s Newman University with a BA in Musical Theatre, she quickly changed course and went to work as a flight attendant for United Airlines. After three years of dedicated service, she decided that she would be happier flying the plane herself and moved from Chicago back to Wichita. Rusty had her first flight lesson in 2018 and has been flying nonstop ever since.


Tyler Stedman
Tyler earned a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Technology, with an emphasis in Professional Pilot, from Kansas State University. He holds a CFI and CFII ratings and is always looking forward to flying and flight instructing so he can share his love of aviation with others.


James Oliphant
James “Pepper” Oliphant is a commercial, multi engine instrument rated pilot.  He also holds an Advanced Ground Instructor certificate and flies for a FedEx Feeder Airline as a captain in the Cessna Caravan.  Prior to flying for a day job, he was an aviation risk manager for AOPA Insurance for twelve years.  He had the distinct honor of teaching for nearly twenty years in the public and private schools as a band and orchestra director and holds a Master of Music Education degree from Wichita State University. In his spare time, he is the Music Director for the Delano Wind Ensemble and enjoys spending all his available time with his lovely partner, Marie.
Billy Hodur
Billy joined the US Airforce as an aircraft mechanic on KC135s at 19 years old. After 5 years in the service, he finished a dual bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems and Management Information Systems from Newman University and was accepted to Air Force Undergraduate Pilot training. While there, Billy flew the T-37 aircraft and the T-1 and was granted his multi-engine and commercial certificates. After pilot training, he flew the KC-135, upgrading from Co-pilot to Aircraft Commander and eventually Instructor Pilot. After the Air Force, Billy continued to teach KC-135s in a simulator for 7 years and attained an ATP, CFI, CFII and MEI. Billy currently also works as an airline captain at Air Wisconsin Airlines.
Greg Monty
Greg attended Kansas State University where he majored in Aeronautical Science with an emphasis on Aviation Safety.  He holds MEI, CFII and CFI ratings.  Greg started his aviation career instructing at Pray Aviation. While at Pray, he was promoted to Director of Operations and Assistant Chief Pilot.  Greg has also worked as an international contract pilot in various piston / turbo props, and CE525 series as well as with Flight Safety in the LearJet 45XR Program.  He has provided content as an Aviation Subject Matter Expert for CTSystems in International Aviation Operations and taught CRM and AMRM at Hesston Aviation College.  In 2017, Greg started with MedEvac Mission and became a Captain, Aviation Operations and Training Manager for AirMD (now Air Methods), overseeing CONUS and OCONUS fixed and rotor wing bases. In addition to instructing at OAS, he now serves as a fixed wing Captain, Regional Aviation Manager with Air Methods. His passion is Aviation and the Air Ambulance Mission in communities.
TOrtega CJ3

Teresa Ortega

Teresa Ortega has over 24 years of experience in the aviation industry. She began her career with Cessna Aircraft company in 1995, supporting the international sales department in various administrative roles. After obtaining a degree from Friends University in Organizational Management and Leadership, Teresa was promoted to Regional Sales Director for ProAdvantage programs Europe Middle East, Africa, and Russia. She held that position until retiring from Cessna in 2018.
Born and raised in Wichita, it is fair to say that aviation is truly in her blood. Her father and grandfather were both in aviation, so the “bug” got her at an early age. Teresa now holds a commercial certificate with multi and instrument ratings. She also has SIC privileges in the Citation Mustang and is working towards obtaining a 510-initial rating.
After retiring from Cessna, Teresa and her husband, Kirby, decided to combine their aviation savvy and passion into a business that would help others obtain their aviation goals. Hence, the beginning of Ortega Aviation Services.
While aviation has been a long-time passion for Teresa, she also enjoys traveling, family, cooking, volunteering, and spending time with her grandson, Daichi.
Teresa’s passion and experience with so many aspects of general and business aviation make her a great consultant to have on your side. Her goal is to make your aircraft ownership experience worry-free and enjoyable, and she has the knowledge and resources to make it happen.
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Kirby Ortega

Kirby Ortega is a pilot in every sense of the word. With nearly 50 years flying every aircraft in the Cessna line-up as well as other manufacturers aircraft.
Kirby began his career at Cessna Aircraft Company in 1980. He started in the Air Transportation Department as a flight instructor, then moved on to flying Aircraft demonstrations for potential customers around the globe, and press flights with aviation media. He flew into his retirement days as Chief Pilot for piston engine operations within Cessna Flight Operations.
After retiring from Cessna in 2013, Kirby went to work for Yingling Aviation as Chief Pilot for Jet Management programs and still holds that position to date.
Kirby holds an ATP certificate and flight instructor, multiple type ratings in Citation aircraft. He is an FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor, a two-term NAFI Master Flight Instructor, and an FAA FAAST Team member.  He has been inducted into the National Flight Instructor Hall of Fame, named 2002 FAA National Flight Instructor of the Year, received the Master CFI designation, Cessna Aircraft recognized top instructor and the Citation Jet Pilot (CJP) Gold Standard Safety Award. He has logged almost 27,000 accident/incident-free flight hours and more than 15,000 hours of dual instruction given.
Aviation has always been Kirby’s passion, but he also enjoys traveling, cycling and college basketball with a particular enthusiasm for the Wichita State Shockers.  He has two sons and one grandson.
Kirby wanted to build a business that would allow him to share his in-depth knowledge of flying and instructing with new and aspiring pilots. He and his wife, Teresa, formed Ortega Aviation Services to offer top notch flight instruction and consulting. His primary role in the company is providing pilot coaching and check rides in the CJ Series and Citation Mustang.
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