Ground School – Pilot Workshops

Modern technology within aviation has evolved at a blistering pace over the past decade alone.  Tools leveraging technology for pilots abound, covering every aspect of flight, both on the ground and in the air.  At times it can feel overwhelming the vast array of software, hardware, and avionics products and services that are currently available.  We are here to help you not only learn these new technologies, but to become fluent with them, giving you the confidence to tap them and rely upon them as valuable tools in any flight operation from recreational to commercial.  Ortega Aviation Services is pleased to begin offering Pilot Work Shops, specialized courses that focus on technology, techniques, and procedures which are outside the scope of basic Ground School curriculum.

Our inaugural Pilot Work Shop revolves around ForeFlight, the very powerful “electronic flight bag” that automates your flight planning and provides unparalleled situational awareness.  ForeFlight Workshops are taught by Charles Lloyd CFII ASMEL who has used Electronic Flight Bag Applications for 25 years and ForeFlight since 1995. Bring your iPad and iPhone with ForeFlight installed to expand your knowledge on how to enhance your ForeFlight skills. We encourage you to check out what this new course has to offer!


New workshops are under development!

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