Ground School – Commercial Pilot

Have you thought about maybe flying for a living? Maybe an airline, corporate operator or your own flying business is in your future, but you have to step up to the plate and obtain your FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate first. FAA Part 61 Subpart F 61.121 through 61.133 lists requirements, privileges and limitations to the certificate. There is a good chance you may have already fulfilled some of those requirements. You are especially ahead of the pack if you already have an instrument rating.

There are so many opportunities in aviation today than have never existed before. Airlines have changed their prerequisites by not requiring applicants to have a four-year degree from a collegiate flight program. Corporate flight departments don’t require a type rating for the equipment they fly, if you are signing on as a first officer. They look at the individual and hire the one who will fit into their corporate structure. Adding a type rating is in the future but they want to insure the person they hire will be around for a while. Beyond that, the only limitation are the ones you define based on your goals.

At Ortega Aviation Services we offer counselling to help you decide if a career in aviation is right for you. We also provide that first important step by offering a Commercial Knowledge Course to prepare you for the knowledge (written) test. Give OAS a call and see what you may have in your future!

Commercial Pilot – Class Schedules

The listed schedules are for confirmed classes. Classes are formed, scheduled, and booked when we reach a minimum number of students for a given course. Please keep in mind that these posted classes may or may not be full, there may currently be slots available for you. Call Teresa today for availability and any questions you might have.

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