Garmin Avionics Training

Mastering Garmin Systems

Ortega Aviation Services is proud to offer unsurpassed Garmin initial, transition, and recurrent training.  Kirby Ortega’s aviation career, background, and experience places him in a fairly unique position to offer unparalleled Garmin training for pilots.  His career began before the advent of digital cockpits, while years later he found himself at Cessna Aircraft, having a direct hand in helping pave the way forward for the integration of glass avionics and modern flight decks within the General Aviation arena.

Garmin Transition Training

Are you currently looking at an avionics upgrade to the G1000 aboard your current aircraft or possibly trading up aircraft in the future which is G1000 equipped? Moving from a traditional six-pack panel to the G1000 package can prove to be a bit of a challenge.  OAS now offers a complete end-to-end training solution to get up to speed, knowledgeable, and proficient in the use of the G1000.

Course Includes:

  • OAS CE172 Rental Checkout
  • G1000 Avionics Transition
  • FAR 61.56 Flight Review Sign-off (Meets ACS Standard)
  • FAR 61.57 Instrument Proficiency Check (Meets ACS Standard)
  • Unlimited use of our G1000 Simulator Transition Trainer

Course Manuals & Content

  • CE172 Pilot Information Manual
  • G1000 Cockpit Reference Guide
  • FAA Advanced Avionics Handbook
  • FAA Risk Management Handbook
(Delivered on a USB Flash Drive)

Course Includes

  • 3.0 Hours in the Classroom
  • 3.0 Hours of CE172 Flight Time
  • 3.5 Hours with a CFI
  • OAS Swag Bag

Complete Course & Package: $755

Our G1000 Simulator in Transition Training

G-1000 Simulator

Our G-1000 Flight Simulator, designed & built by Flight 1 Aviation Technologies, is totally hands-on, full size, full scale, 100% tactile interaction, providing immersive training with functional integrity.  Whether you’re just starting out on the G-1000 as a student pilot, or transitioning from an analog six pack to a G-1000 equipped aircraft, or its been awhile and needing to bush up your skill sets within it, we have the best equipment along with the best instructors available anywhere!

Garmin Systems Trainer

Built upon the foundations of the Gleim Virtual Cockpit, Ortega Aviation has expanded and redesigned this simulator into a robust and capable Garmin training platform.  Encompassing the G430, G530, G650, and G750, being some of the most popular models in GA, as well as the G5 PFD & HSI, this new simulator’s purpose-built mission is to provide both initial & transitional training in any of those models.  It’s main focus is transitional training for those pilots who are coming out of an aircraft equipped with the older 530/430 family and moving into one equipped with the 750/650 family.  The beauty of this simulator is it’s ability to have all four models running together in concert, allowing a training pilot to see the differences between them live, runtime.  The result, a huge cost savings to the training pilot, both in actual flight time within the real aircraft as well as a huge reduction in the learning curve and total time invested in the training cycle, all within a stress and risk-free environment.

For more information, rates, availability, and any other questions you have give Teresa a call today!

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