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Private Pilot Ground School Class – May 2022

AGI Ground Instructor Jon Prenovost & Our 2022 May Private Pilot Ground School Graduates
Jon signing graduation and endorsement certificates
Jon signing off Paola's graduation and endorsement

The newest addition to our fleet!

Diamond DA-42 Twinstar

Earn your Multi-Engine Rating with OAS

Earn your Multi-Engine Rating with OAS!

G-1000 & King KP-140 AutoPilot Equiped

Twin 180hp Counter Rotating Lycoming 360 Engines

Our 1st UAS Drone Graduates of 2022!

UAS Drone Instructor Jon Prenovost with our first class for 2022
Corbin - Part 107 UAS Qualified
Candy - Part 107 UAS Qualified
Bailey - Part 107 UAS Qualified

The first Piper to join our fleet!

Our brand new Piper Pilot 100i

Private Pilot Ground School Classes


Girls in Aviation Day – 2021

Our Cessna 172’s on duty Day or Night

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