Ortega Aviation Services is pleased to help you complete your training by offering you FAA checkrides for the following certificates and rating:

  • Private and Commercial Pilot Certificates
  • Instrument and Multiengine Ratings
  • CE510 Initial Type Rating, Crew or Single Pilot

Additionally OAS can provide flight instruction towards the sign-off for proficiency checks as:

  • Instrument Proficiency Checks, FAR 61.
  • Flight Review Checks, FAR 61.
  • CE510 Pilot Proficiency Checks, FAR 61.58

The following FAA Administrative services are also available:

  • Removal of any Supervised Operational Experience, SOE, requirements
  • Process Student Pilot Certificates
  • Addition of any 61.55 SIC to your certificate

These checkrides and services are provided by OAS Chief Instructor Pilot, Kirby Ortega. Kirby has been a FAA Designated Pilot Examiner for more than 30 years and has been recognized as the FAA’s National Flight Instructor of the Year in 2002. He also has been inducted into the National Flight Instructors Hall of Fame in 2014. As an experienced pilot examiner and instructor Kirby has developed a fair sense in conducting checkrides with an emphasis in providing a comfortable test experience. All tests are conducted in accordance with the FAA’s most current Airman Certification Standard using the IACRA process and reporting the checkride activity through the Designee Management System, DMS. Kirby is available for consultation regarding checkrides to any applicant who has one scheduled in the future, regardless if you elect to use his service or not.

Kirby was employed by Cessna Aircraft company for almost 30 years and flew the entire product line, from single engine pistons airplanes through turbine powered jets. He has almost 26,000 accident free flying hours, domestically as well as internationally. Kirby currently flies a CE525 CJ3 for a Wichita based financial institute to keep his own proficiency level sharp while working real life flying challenges.

This experience makes him unquietly qualified to administer your test by an examiner who has exceptional testing skills you may be challenged.

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