Flight Reviews

Has two years gone by already? If so a review of your logbook shows it’s time for that dreaded biennial flight review with old what’s his name instructor. Remember how ill prepared you felt when he brought up the discussion on airspace? How about that look of disgust he gave you when you tried to work that weight and balance problem, you thought you were working a flight formula for a moon shot! Maybe this is the year you should hang up your wings and start a hobby that is easier and safer, like riding motorcycles.

Well, Maverick, we here at OAS have a solution for you that is pilot friendly and kind to dogs. First the BFR no longer exists, it went out the door with the leisure suit. The “Flight Review” or the FAR Part 61.56 requirement is simply called the flight review due about every 24 calendar months or sooner, if you are sadistically inclined. The bare minimum is only one hour ground and one hour flight with old what’s his name. OAS will help you rise from mediocracy and become a better than average pilot, a pilot reeking with confidence and a renewed swagger on the tarmac to preflight your trusted flying steed.

OAS has designed a five hour course to help you redevelop your fondness for FAA regulations, renew the passion for the whiz wheel and chant from your checklist as you were in church on the most holiness of days. The subject areas reviewed have been designed for an increased understanding for PRACTICAL day to day flight operations regarding regulations, flight planning and systems knowledge.

At the end of the course you will receive a completion certificate, suitable for framing, to show compliance for the one hour ground session. As for the flight with old what’s his name, OAS can introduce you to young, what’s her name to help you with your flying to complete this year’s flight review.

As for that dog, he’s invited to sit by your side during the ground session. As they say all dogs go to heaven and what better way can you show your love by explaining the co-efficient of lift to help him get there. Let us help you prepare for flight!

At Ortega Aviation Services we take your training seriously…

What you get:

Five hours of classroom instruction with an instructor with great AV presentations and lively discussion

  • Completion certificate, suitable for framing, to present to an instructor to acknowledge subjects reviewed
  • One hour teleconference within the next 6 months talking to the Chief Instructor about any flight planning concerns
  • Introduction to glass cockpits – Introducing the G1000 NXi
  • Opportunity to use the OAS Avionics Lab either for self study, with your instructor or using an OAS contract instructor
  • Complementary bottled water, soft drinks, coffee, popcorn and sweet things to maintain your energy
  • Course material stored on a jump drive for your review, neat stuff
  • If you’re lucky Teresa will buy you lunch!

 All for $225.00