Client Testimonials

“I’ve had the great fortune to work with Kirby Ortega for almost 10 years. His knowledge, expertise on both my prior airplane, a Citation Mustang and now my Citation M2 is unbelievable. As a FAA Designated Examiner, Kirby is able to provide me with both training and my annual 61.58. There is no question that he is truly the best. As a testament, Kirby was inducted into the Instructor’s Hall of Fame (where they only choose one instructor annually for the entire country). I think that says it all. And, because of his credentials, most insurance companies accept his training for their annual training requirements which makes it much more enjoyable than any simulator training I’ve attended. I go out of my way to recommend Kirby and feel good that I am helping out a fellow pilot. It’s almost like sharing a close-held secret.”
“I also utilize Teresa with Ortega Aviation Services for ProAdvantage Program and maintenance review; as well as performed the pre-buy inspection for my new Citation M2. Teresa’s decades of experience working with Textron brings a depth of knowledge that few possess. Teresa keeps an eye on my programs & maintenance and, without question, continuously reduces my costs. She knows the “ins and outs” and what to look for. I also had her inspect my new Citation M2 prior to taking delivery which saved me days of personal down time by having the pre-delivery squawks corrected prior to my arrival. Not only did she save me time, Teresa found things I would have never known to inspect. As a Citation owner, I can’t express my appreciation enough to both Kirby and Teresa for what they do. You won’t find a better team!”
Gary Green, CEO, Strategic Franchising
Cessna Citation M2 Owner / Consulting Client

“Using Ortega Aviation Services has made my Citation Mustang ownership quite rewarding.  Their professionalism, industry knowledge, and attention to detail , put my organization at ease knowing I am well represented.”
Mike, MJK Trucking

“You make me think anything is possible!”
Leon Flores, N845LB

“I was a student in the very first Part 107 Remote Pilot training class at OAS. I have worked in aviation for years but was not a pilot and knew very little about the basic principles of flying, including weather theory, airspace regulations, reading charts, load factors, airport operations, and crew resource management. Although I was overwhelmed for a class or two, the instructor was great, and I settled right in. It finally all started coming together and made sense. A week after our class completed, I sat for the FAA Unmanned Aircraft test and passed with flying colors. The class I took from Ortega Aviation was well worth it and had me very prepared!”
Jerry P.
Dec/2019 UAV Commercial Drone Pilot’s Course

“Teresa Ortega has saved us thousands of dollars on invoice review as well program consumption. Teresa has worked for us on maintenance review and management since we purchased our aircraft. In the beginning many items should have been charged warranty or covered by the company; not charged to my ProAdvantage account. Throughout our ownership, we have found items that should have been program consumption rather than invoiced directly to me. Teresa’s knowledge and consultancy has been invaluable to us.”
Tom Garritano, Cessna Citation Mustang Owner & Pilot
Consulting Client

“As an 18-year rusty pilot, I knew I had a lot to relearn. Instead of simply getting current, I decided to take on the challenge of pursuing my commercial license. While I’m familiar with the efficiency of memorizing questions out of a book, I wanted more. First, I wanted to develop a true understanding of the knowledge that the FAA is testing on. Second, I wanted the interaction that comes with learning in a community fashion. Ortega Aviation Services delivered! I learned so much more than I would have just reading a book. Totally worth the money!”
Josh M.
Nov/2019 Commercial Pilot’s Course

“I appreciate you very much, seriously I was so terrified, and you and all the staff helped me through.”
Mohammed K.
Nov/2019 Private Pilot’s Course