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Certified Flight Instructor
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Is that commercial certificate of yours looking for work? Do you have need to be called Sensei? Have you thought of obtaining a CFI certificate, giving back to aviation but maybe with little extra cash to put into your own flying budget?

Obtaining a Certificated Flight Instructor ticket is a definite highlight in one’s aviation field and could be an extremely rewarding experience. Becoming a flight instructor will increase your knowledge in various subject areas, elevate your level of flight proficiency and garner the respect of others.

I became a flight instructor at the age of 19 and for the past 43 years have been continually active in teaching others to fly. Private, commercial, instrument, multiengine CFI, CFII, ATP and MEIs. I have taught pilots how to fly complex, high performance airplanes, high altitude and tailwheel airplanes. Specialized in teaching digital flight decks. Turboprops, pure jets, international flight operations and air to air photo sessions were also on my list of teaching moments. With this experience and knowledge, I want to share it with you by making you the best flight instructor you can be right out of the gate!

I did my CFI training in Tulsa, Riverside airport now Jones Jr. I was lucky to have a truly knowledgeable ground instructor who made classroom sessions fun and my own flight sensei, Elmo Mauer, was the guy who taught my how to really fly an airplane. I can still hear Elmo constantly reminding me the world did not need any more “mediocre Instructors!”


I have been recognized by the FAA as their National Fight Instructor of the Year in 2002, been inducted into the National Flight Instructor Hall of Fame and have served the flying community as an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner for more than 30 years. I also worked as a company pilot at Cessna Aircraft for almost 30 years and retired as one of their chief pilots in 2013. Flew everything Cessna from the CE-140 through the Citation X. Currently I have about 27,000 accident/incident free flight hours with more than 15,000 hours as a flight instructor.

I want to help you become a great instructor and fulfill Elmo’s wish not to have anymore “mediocre instructors” in a world he departed from many years ago.

Thanks to Elmo, Cliff Donnelly and Jerry Robertson for being my Sensei’s and personal guides to flight instructor expertise and professionalism……and….

I would like to be yours!

Ortega Aviation Services will be offering a 36-hour course beginning in February, helping you prepare for the Fundamentals of Instructing, FOI, Flight Instructor Airplane, FIA and the Ground Instructor (Advanced), AGI. The FOI and FIA are required knowledge tests as the first step to becoming a FAA Flight Instructor.

This course will include all subject areas required by FAR 61.185 Aeronautical knowledge, (a)(1)(i) through (vi) and (2). Does not look like a lot here but break out your FAR/AIM and you will see there is a ton of stuff to review in 36 hours!

Your course materials will be loaded onto a tablet that is yours to keep. As a customer of OAS, you will also have access to three simulators that you can do practice instruction with at no charge to you! Course price is $650.

If you have a desire to fly with us at OAS, we have access to about the only G1000 CE-172 in the Wichita area, excluding the Textron Aviation Flying Club. The course will be about 10 flight hours with another 20 hours of dual instruction, flight and ground. This package would cost about $3100. Flight test with a DPE is about $750 and about a 6 to 7-hour ordeal. I can help you with that as well as a CFI DPE.

OAS has some exciting news to share soon with the Wichita aviation community regarding flight and ground training! We will be needing TALENTED instructors to help us with this project and will be hiring both ground and flight instructors beginning this spring in 2021.

The ground school classes will begin February 2nd. We will meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm to 9pm and Saturdays from 9AM to 1PM. The last class will be held on February 27th.

Come join us!

Please call my personal mobile number at 316 655 4179 for more information or the office at 316 925 7700 to schedule your commitment to becoming a CFI!

CFI Ground – Course Schedules

The listed schedules are for confirmed classes. Classes are formed, scheduled, and booked when we reach a minimum number of students for a given course. Please keep in mind that these posted classes may or may not be full, there may currently be slots available for you. Call Teresa today for availability and any questions you might have.

Teresa Ortega: (cell) 316.665.1992 / (office) 316.925.7700