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G-1000 Cessna Skyhawk Available!

Ortega Aviation Services is happy to announce the availability of a well equipped C-172 Cessna Skyhawk with the Garmin G-1000 avionics suite! This airplane, N2290A, OA- Ortega Aviation, is based at Yingling Aviation, Eisenhower National Airport – KICT. Yingling is a full service FBO to include a Subway sandwich shop and a very well stocked pilot shop.

Ortega Aviation Services is going into it’s 2nd year of operation as a stand alone office/classroom facility at Eisenhower National. This building at one time housed the American Bonanza Society. OAS conducts UAS drone training, FAA Private, Instrument, and Commercial knowledge test preparation, among others.  OAS has a DPE on staff to administer practical tests for pilot certificates as well as C-510 Mustang flight training, testing, and C525 CJ series coaching.  Additionally OAS offers consulting on OEM aircraft maintenance programs, assitance in new aircraft deliveries, pre-buys, and other FAA approvals such as RVSM for international operations.

To assist Wichita area based pilots who are interested in transitioning to the G-1000 OAS will conduct ground sessions using state of the art classroom presentations, computer based training, and simulations.  Please note all of our simulators and transition trainers are not AATD devices. Flight Training packages are available for transition training, flight reviews, and instrument competency checks. Our G-1000 Skyhawk can also be used for obtaining a Commercial certificate without the use of a complex airplane, with flight instructor training available as well!

 Several Instructors on Staff and Available

Initial Flight Training

Hours Building

Instrument Flight Training and Recurrent

Commercial Flight Training


$140 Discovery Flights


Available for Rental at Competitive Rates!

ForeFlight Workshops

Ortega Aviation Services is pleased to offer a new series of workshops designed to help pilots explore, learn, and leverage all the latest tools and technologies available to make them safer and more efficient on the ground and in the air.  Whether you are a freshly minted student pilot just starting out, or your a seasoned veteran of multi-engine, IFR, and beyond, we encourage you to check out our new ForeFlight Workshop.  Hosted by Charles Lloyd, a career aviation professional pilot, your in excellent hands as he takes you through the basics of ForeFlight, then builds on that foundation, introducing you to the power ForeFlight puts at your finger tips.  Situational Awareness becomes a snap! With the introduction of an Apple iPad equipped with ForeFlight into your flight bag you can automate any GA flight deck regardless of the avionics installed.

One weekend, two 4 hour classes, and your good to go!  At only $120 dollars it is money not only well spent, but invested into each and every flight there after.  Classes are forming now, call today and book your seat!

Call Teresa at: 316-925-7700 to reserve your place.

Classes for the Basic & Advanced ForeFlight Workshops are booking now!
For additional information please see our Pilot Workshops link above.

Recent Consulting Client Testimonial

I’ve had the great fortune to work with Kirby Ortega for almost 10 years.  His knowledge, expertise on both my prior airplane, a Citation Mustang and now my Citation M2 is unbelievable. As a FAA Designated Examiner, Kirby is able to provide me with both training and my annual 61.58.  There is no question that he is truly the best. As a testament, Kirby was inducted into the Instructor’s Hall of Fame (where they only choose 1 instructor annually for the entire country). I think that says it all. And, because of his credentials, most insurance companies accept his training for their annual training requirements which makes it much more enjoyable than any simulator training I’ve attended. I go out of my way to recommend Kirby and feel good that I am helping out a fellow pilot. It’s almost like sharing a close-held secret.

I also utilize Teresa with Ortega Aviation Services for ProAdvantage Program and maintenance review; as well as performed the pre-buy inspection for my new Citation M2.  Teresa’s decades of experience working with Textron brings a depth of knowledge that few possess. Teresa keeps an eye on my programs & maintenance and, without question, continuously reduces my costs. She knows the “ins and outs” and what to look for. I also had her inspect my new Citation M2 prior to taking delivery which saved me days of personal down-time by having the pre-delivery squawks corrected prior to my arrival. Not only did she save me time, Teresa found things I would have never known to inspect.  As a Citation owner, I can’t express my appreciation enough to both Kirby and Teresa for what they do.  You won’t find a better team!

-Gary Green, CEO, Strategic Franchising (Cessna Citation CJ3+ Owner & Pilot)