Simulator Training

Introduction to Flight & Building Skill Sets

Our Gleim Virtual Cockpit is an ideal platform for introducing new student pilots to the basic principles and procedures of flight, yet is robust enough to give seasoned & experienced pilots an affordable alternative to actual flight costs when training for their next check ride or ratings exam.  Designed and built by Gleim, a world-wide recognized leader in aviation education, this system is very capable of pushing the envelope within scenario based training.  An Intel based computer, driving crisp and convincing graphics powered by Nvidia, delivers an immersive and feature rich experience through Laminar Research’s X-Plane 11 Simulator software.  From basic pattern work, to cross country prep, or IFR proficiency, to learning the ropes of controlled airports and/or airspace, and many many more scenarios in between, the Gleim Virtual Cockpit has you covered.

Advanced Training / IFR Training / Loggable Hours

In the near future OAS will offer an FAA approved fixed based Advanced Aircraft Training Device or AATD.  The AATD device is modeled after a Cessna 172 G-1000NXi, NAV 3 package. This realistic system has FAA approval to be used for Private, Commercial certificates and Instrument Ratings and allows for loggable credit for these courses. The AATD device can be used for instrument currency without an instructor presence. Credit for use for a Private certificate is 2.5 hours, Commercial up to 50 hours and an Instrument rating up to 20 hours, if given by an authorized instructor. You can use your own instructor, an OAS instructor or just by yourself – all your choice!

These simulators were built by FLIGHT 1 AVIATION TECHNOLOGIES, a simulator maneufacturer whose product offerings are extensive and well known. OAS has partnered with Flight 1 to act as sales agent in using their simulators as demonstrators for you to evaluate and possible purchase from Flight 1.